Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photo Challenge Edits

Night EDIT for Shoot and Edit:

(See my SOOC shot)


Edit Me for My Reflection of Something:

First off, let me just say, I loved the SOOC shot on this one, and those kinds of shots are the hardest for me to edit sometimes!

Here's the SOOC shot:

 edit me week 18

Here are my three edits (black and white for judging):

For the first one, I cropped, brightened a bit, and played with the tone curve to give it a bit more pop. For the second one, I cropped, converted to black and white, did a few other minor adjustments, and added a slight split tone. For the third one, I cropped, brightened a bit, desaturated the color a tiny bit, and then added a split tone (all in Lightroom 3).

 edit me week 18.jpgedit me week 18.jpgedit me week 18-3.jpg