Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy 11 Months Troy!

Happy 11 Months Troy!

I think I’m still in denial that you’ll be a year old in less than a month (only about 3 weeks – I’m late writing this post!).


You continue to give us a “cheesy” grin when you are excited or happy about something. I finally caught it on camera. It cracks me up . . . I don’t know where you learned to make that funny smile!


You learned to pull yourself up in your crib this month, and at times, it has been quite the distraction to you going to sleep (especially if Ella is in the room). If we put you and Ella down at the same time for a nap, you pull yourself up, and start “yelling” at Ella to get her attention across the room. She can’t resist talking to back to you, and I think y’all both love talking to each other. I love that y’all like to interact, I just wish y’all would sleep sometimes!


You went to your first baseball game this month. You did pretty well even though the game was late and it was VERY hot outside. You love being outside even though it has been extremely hot.


I always say that Ella was an expressive child, and she is, but she is very expressive with her face. You, on the other hand, are very expressive vocally. If you don’t like something, you’ll let us know with your fussing, and if you like something, you’ll be very vocal about that as well. Speaking of vocal, you finally said “mama” this month! A very sweet word to my ears!



You get into everything these days, including your diapers. You love exploring, and you love to go after the things we’ve told you not to touch, including the dog water bowl! You are pretty funny, because many times now you’ll look back at us and raise your hand up before you touch something you know you aren’t supposed to touch as if you are asking permission to touch it. You still bellyflop/inchworm everywhere. You also sometimes get up like you are going to bear crawl, but you haven’t mastered that yet.


You have become really good at eating finger foods this month, and you like most things we’ve given you. You aren’t a big fan of eggs, but you finally ate them the third time we gave them to you. We’ve cautiously been giving you are few things that have milk in them (since Ella is allergic to milk), and so far you seem to be doing OK with the milk products.


Troy @ 10 Months