Friday, October 28, 2016

Happy 10 Months Annie!

There's something about the ten month mark that makes you seem so big. Realizing how close you are turning a year old is almost hard to believe. And, every month it is harder and harder to take pictures of you in your monthly stickers because your coordination and grasp are so good! You are determined to take your sticker off . . . I had to stick it back on your countless times during your 3 minute photo session!


Your two front bottom teeth came in this month. They've been on the verge of coming through for a while, but they officially made their appearance. When your teeth came in you started doing all sorts of funny things with your tongue. The pictures below kinda show what I mean, but you do even more crazy things than the ones I caught on camera. You often completely twist your tongue sideways . . . it is pretty funny!

20161006-VW4A5940.jpg 20161006-VW4A5939.jpg 

Although you only started crawling last month, your mobility has increased rapidly. You are a fast, funny, crooked crawler. You crawl with one leg under you in such a way that you are almost in a halfway sitting up position. It is easy for you to pop up and down from crawling to sitting up. You also started pulling up this month.


You are quite the talker and I think we can say that you officially added "Ella" and maybe "hi" to "mama" and "daddy" as words you can say. You have special relationships with your brothers and sisters, and I love to watch how you interact with all of them. Ella loves toting you around. Troy loves to kiss you on the head. You and Luke play a "chasing" game in the living room (that I haven't quite caught on video yet!).


You have a beautiful smile and everyone always comments on how happy you are. Generally you are a pretty happy baby, especially if someone is holding you or giving you attention. You enjoy playing by yourself though too. We've barricaded you in the living room, and you often contently crawl around the living room playing with different toys, looking at the window, or even getting Maddux. You love Maddux and he is SOOO good with you (see the video below). One of the reasons that we got the breed of dog we did was because that breed is supposed to be good with kids . . . well Maddux definitely is!

And another video of how crazy you are sometimes!

I didn’t start writing these monthly posts for Ella until she was 17 months old, but I do have this photo of Ella with her 10 month sign :)