Monday, December 10, 2012

Handprint Trees with Gigi

Over Thanksgiving the kids made handprint trees with their grandma (“Gigi”). They had a great time making the trees, and amazingly, didn’t make a mess (probably because Gigi was helping them instead of me!).

121121IMG_0400.jpg 121121IMG_0419.jpg 121121IMG_0404.jpg 121121IMG_0424.jpg 121121IMG_0434.jpg121121IMG_0433.jpg  121121IMG_0445.jpg121121IMG_0438.jpg

I loved how Ella wrote her name . . . she ran out of room on the side she started on, so Gigi told her to write her “A” on the other side of the tree. She told us she made it big because she had a lot of space for it (something along those lines).