Monday, December 17, 2012

All Boy

I know that people are different. That’s obvious. I didn’t know how different people could be when they were so young until I had children. Ella and Troy are quite different, and one of those differences is evident in how they play. Troy is “all boy” and has had more bumps, scraps, and bruises at 2 than Ella has had at almost 4.These photos are a couple of months old, but show off his bumps and bruises that resulted from his “boyness” as well as what we think he might have been doing when he fell and hurt his lip in the first place. (The lip and bump on the head were separate incidences within the same week or so).  I think he’s going to end up with a permanent scar under his lip.

121027IMG_8945.jpg 121029IMG_8982.jpg 121029IMG_8960.jpg