Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

First, our family Christmas. Although nothing exciting, I’m cherishing these photos because last year I lost the photos from our family Christmas due to a problem with my memory card. The kids absolutely loved the Disney name tags. Ella had a great time (at all our Christmases) going around reading the names on all the tags. Troy was pretty funny sometimes because he would look at the tags and act like he was reading them and then say "Its mine?"

121212IMG_1992.jpg 121212IMG_1995.jpg 121212IMG_1996.jpg 121212IMG_1998.jpg 121212IMG_2000.jpg 121212IMG_2005.jpg


Next, Christmas with Gigi and Pop-pa. 121223IMG_2145.jpg 121223IMG_2156.jpg 121223IMG_2159.jpg 121223IMG_2200.jpg 121223IMG_2163.jpg 121223IMG_2212.jpg


And, finally Christmas at Rhu-Rhu's. 121225IMG_2313.jpg 121225IMG_2315.jpg 121225IMG_2317.jpg 121225IMG_2319.jpg 121225IMG_2322.jpg 121225IMG_2333.jpg

Christmas 2011