Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy 23 Months Troy!

Wow, one month. One month and you’ll be two! Where has the time gone? In some ways you still remind me of my little baby boy, but mostly you show me just how big you really are.

You love to dip your food these days. Most meals we sit down to eat you immediately ask for dip: “Dip! Dip!” You’ve gotten a lot better at using utensils this month, and have continued to show your favoritism for your left hand. You also love watermelon.


We’ve had a cricket infestation around our area this summer (thankfully not at our house though!), and love to hunt down crickets as well as point out all the crickets every where we go. Hopefully there won’t be crickets around much longer. : )

Lately you’ve been hating to take baths. I’m not sure what happened, but you went from loving to take baths to absolutely hating it this month. I’m hoping this is just a short phase!


You love to get sugars from our dog Reeses. Reeses tolerates you, at least some of the time. You get SO excited about her, as well as about other things, and you’ll grin, run off, and laugh to show your excitement.

You are getting so big in your chair in your Bible class. You’ll be moving up to the two year old class when the quarter changes.


We’re about to have to make a big transition to a toddler bed – you climbed out of your crib this month. I guess it doesn’t surprise me too much because you like to climb. We also found you’d made a tower out of your toys and blankets one day in your crib.


You love to give hugs, and often walk up and give me or your dad (and even others on occasion) leg hugs (which melt my heart!). You also love to give Ella and some other kids your age hugs which is precious!

Signs you do: more, finished, milk, hungry, thank you, please, thirsty, sleepy, bath

Words you say: No way I can even count or name them! You say so many things!

Animal noises you make: chicken, duck, cow, dog, horse, frog, pig, cat

Body parts you identify: nose, eyes, mouth, ears, hair, head, hands, belly, shoulders, teeth, tongue (you love to point out your teeth and belly)

Favorite foods:  Generally your favorites are yogurt, cheese, peaches, beans, chicken, and crackers. You also LOVE to dip.

Favorite activities: walking, running, and tip-toeing to explore everything, especially following Ella or chasing a dog; mimicking Ella; reading books; watching Mickey Mouse or Finding Nemo or Cars or How to Train Your Dragon; playing with balls (you love to throw any kind of ball); playing outside; playing with toys, especially talking on the phone or putting things over your head or playing with the kitchen stuff; trying get any electronics or drinks you can spot.

Troy @ 22 Months

Ella @ 23 Months