Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day!

I’m so thankful for my dad, as well as my husband, who is a wonderful father to our children. And, as proof that it always helps to have daddy behind me getting smiles out of the kids, this year’s D-A-D photos (taken without dad’s help!).



This year, I had Ella answer questions for a Father’s Day questionnaire I found on Pinterest.


Here are Ella’s answers:

What is Daddy’s name? T (then later, “I call daddy Mr. Trent.”)

What does Daddy do for fun? play

What does Daddy do at work? work

What are his favorite things to eat? I don’t know

What does he like to drink? tea

How old is Daddy? I don’t know

Where did you and Daddy meet? At McCarty {where he works}

How long have you know Daddy? I don’t know

How tall is Daddy? raising her hands to the sky she said “that tall”

What is Daddy’s hair like? stuck (patting the top of her head)

How much does Daddy weigh? stretching her hands out she said “that much”

What makes Daddy the best? nothing (giggling) {I don’t think she ever understood this question . . .}

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy? go to McCarty


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