Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baking with Ella

I’ve been meaning to get Ella more involved in cooking/baking for a while, but it has just been one of those things I seem to let slip. I really intend to get her in the kitchen (and Troy as well) starting from a young age for lots of reasons including that I want them to be able to cook. : )

Today I helped Ella make cornbread. She had a blast! She licked her finger once and I thought it had to taste bad (as much as I love cornbread, I can’t imagine the batter tastes good). However, when I asked her about it, she just smiled and said it tasted good. : ) She was very concerned about the flour that spilt outside the bowl. She kept wanting to add it back in (a little at a time).








By the way, Ella’s apron was made by one of the fabulous ladies from Stitches and Such. I love her apron, and I was in no way compensated for mentioning the product in this post.