Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy 21 Months Troy!

Every month seems to sneak up on me, but I feel like it was just yesterday when you turned 20 months old. In fact, I didn’t even think about you being 21 months old until the very end of your “month day.”120610IMG_3843.jpg 120610IMG_3847.jpg

Although you and Ella can definitely get onto each other (particularly when you are laying on her), you really do enjoy each others company. I love when y’all start doing something goofy together and you make each other laugh. You are really funny when you spin around in circles in the living room together or when you chase each other around the kitchen.


You like to read. Particularly when Ella isn’t around (perhaps because it is quieter), I’ll often come upon you sitting by yourself reading. You also love to come sit in the chair with me or your dad and ask us to read a book. You’ll say, “sit, sit!” to ask to sit with us to read as you climb into our laps. Speaking of climbing, you are proficient at climbing onto just about all of our furniture including our couches and the dining room table chairs.120614IMG_3971.jpg

You’ve always been much more of a hands-on kind of child than Ella. You love to actually play with your toys, like your cars, or your animals. I recently remembered to get some puzzles out (that I’d put away because Ella didn’t play with them much anymore) and you enjoyed playing with them too.120614IMG_3976.jpg

You are not an easygoing child, but you really do have a sweet personality.  You love to say, “no . . o o o” in this super sweet voice with a little smile when you really mean “yes.” When I go to get you up out of bed in the morning (or sometimes from nap) you almost always say either “breakfast” or “couse” (for Mickey Mouse). You love to bring your Mickey Mouse with you out of your bed.120616IMG_4021.jpgYou constantly jabber and it often sounds like you are telling a whole story at once. You say so much at one time, and often we can only understand one or two words of it. You also speak in clear sentences at times, though, including things like “I want to sit” or “I like it” (although when it comes to telling us you like something you usually just say “like it, like it” over and over). You also finally said your name this month (we’ve been trying to get you to say it for a long time now). 120621IMG_4090.jpg 

Signs you do: more, finished, milk, hungry, thank you, please, thirsty, sleepy, bath

Words you say: No way I can even count or name them! You say so many things!

Animal noises you make: chicken, duck, cow, dog, horse (you’ve been loving horses lately), frog

Body parts you identify: nose, eyes, mouth, ears, hair, head, hands, belly, teeth, tongue (you love to point out your teeth and belly)

Favorite foods: You are a pretty good eater, but you can still be pretty finicky at times (although I think it is getter better). Generally your favorites are cheese, peaches, beans, chicken, and crackers.

Favorite activities: walking, running, and tip-toeing to explore everything, especially following Ella or chasing a dog; reading books; watching Mickey Mouse or Finding Nemo or Cars; taking baths; playing with balls (you love to throw any kind of ball); playing outside; playing with toys, especially talking on the phone or putting things over your head or playing with the kitchen stuff; trying get any electronics or drinks you can spot.

Troy @ 20 months

Ella @ 21 months