Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week Four In Paraguay

This past week has been a generally slow week. It feels weird to have a “slow week” in mission work, but honestly it is nice to have some down time particularly on this extended trip. Things will be getting pretty busy in a couple of weeks (and probably won’t slow down again the rest of the time we are here), so I should probably enjoy the slow week.

All three of my English studies canceled for the week (two were traveling and one was sick). Although it is disappointing to not have any studies during the week, it is a blessing to be here for the extended period of time because it gives us opportunities to meet with people beyond a week. There have been many times in Jamaica where people we have studied with have a conflict the remaining time that we will be there, and it is always so disheartening to have to leave without feeling like you can continue in a good work. I know when we leave here we will probably have some of those same feelings as well, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to get to spend an extended period of time with not only people like our English studies, but also the brethren.

Trent continued on with his Spanish studies this past week, and I’m thankful that he’s getting the opportunity to spend so much time studying Spanish. His Spanish studies will probably slow down some in a couple of weeks when he starts teaching in the Bible Academy, but he should get to continue on doing at least some formal Spanish study each week.

On Friday one of the couples in the congregation (and their sweet baby!) took us sightseeing in a nearby lake town. The weather was absolutely gorgeous (it rained almost the entire day before, so it was really great that it wasn’t raining), and the town was really cute. We walked up to see a Catholic church building (the centerpiece of most towns here), and also walked around through the many little shops in the town. We also enjoyed a yummy lunch where Trent and I split a platter that had many types of traditional Paraguayn food. My favorite food on the platter was the milanesa bites which reminded me of chicken fried steak or chicken fried chicken. We had a great time getting out and sightseeing!

Walking through the pottery shops

Watching a kitty in the glass window at one of the pottery shops

The view of the lake from near the catholic church

Friday evening we had a playdate arranged by a couple in the congregation with a family who are their neighbors. The family has a little girl Ella’s age and a little boy Troy’s age, so as you can imagine they had a ton of fun playing. The father of the family as well as the children spoke English, so we were all able to visit fairly easily. At one point the little girl arranged a game of “Chinese whispers” (which I’ve always known as “telephone”) and the kids had a blast whispering (mostly in English) and laughing. 

Ella and her new friend

Playing the back yard

Playing "Chinese whispers"

I wish I could say we made it through the week without any injuries, but once again poor Luke got injured . . . this time thanks to big brother. Sunday night Troy accidentally shut Luke's finger in the bathroom door. Poor Luke just can't seem to get a break here! I'm guessing he's probably going to end up losing his fingernail from it. 

On an exciting note for Ella, she lost another tooth! She was so excited to lose a tooth in Paraguay. We learned that in Paraguay the tooth fairy isn't who visits - it is a "raton" or rat! Yet another reason for us to avoid magical creatures coming into the house at night! ;) 

We miss everyone greatly! We continue to pray for you all, and continue to ask for your prayers.