Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy 8 Months Luke!

I’m a little late, but happy 8 months Luke! You turned 8 months old during Focal Point, but things were too crazy (in a good way!) to sit down to write this post.


Over the past few months you have definitely transitioned into a much happier baby. People are constantly commenting on how happy you always seem (granted, they aren’t around you all the time! : ) ). Everyone always loves to stop to talk to you – you usually love to talk and smile back at them.


Though you haven’t started full-on crawling, you “inchworm” around and are pretty good at getting wherever you want to go. We had to officially get rid of the bumbo this month: you became quite good at bending yourself out of the bumbo. You are still a little unsteady when it comes to sitting by yourself, though you can do it.


You LOVE to eat. Ella and Troy were good eaters from the beginning, but I think you trump both of them. You have eaten everything I’ve given you (and a lot of it!). You do a really good job picking up food and getting it in your mouth by yourself as well.  You’ve learned to sign “more” this month, and you have definitely associated it with food. One morning when I got you up in the morning you were quickly signing “more” over and over again. I think you were hungry and ready for breakfast!


You have a mouth full of teeth! When you turned eight months, you had four teeth on top, and three on bottom (another has poked through on the bottom since you turned eight months). You love to chew, especially on your swaddle blanket tags.


You are still doing a good job sleeping at night as well as during naptime. I was quite nervous about you and Troy sharing a room, but y’all have really done well together. Troy does an amazing job staying quiet so you can go to sleep. If I have to come get you to feed you or change you while Troy is trying to go to sleep he’ll very sweetly tell me that I need to bring you back.


I continue to love watching your interaction with Ella and Troy. Y’all are quite the trio!

Luke @ 7 months

Troy @ 8 months

(I didn’t start writing these monthly posts for Ella until she was 17 months old)