Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy 1 Month Luke!

I always find the one month mark sobering. For me, at least, it feels like it takes each month of pregnancy forever to pass, and then after you have your baby in the world, the first month flies by.

You are a precious little boy! You are strong like your siblings were at this age, holding your head up well and bearing weight on your legs. You are also extremely wiggly, just like you were in the womb. You kicked and moved around so much more than your siblings in the womb! It seems like everyone who holds you comments on how wiggly you are.

You are a content baby, really only fussing if you need something. You are quickly settled when we swaddle you up and turn on some white noise.

Your siblings already love you, and they are great with you. Ella will let you hold her finger and then she tells me that she taught you to hold her hand. Ella and Troy are both greatly concerned about you, and love to help out where they can. Troy is always bringing your pacifier to me to make sure you have it (though you aren’t attached to your pacifier yet). I look forward to watching your relationship grow with your siblings.


20130909-IMG_9480.jpg20130915-IMG_9633.jpg20130917-IMG_9701.jpg20130923-IMG_9994.jpg 20130917-IMG_9857.jpg

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Troy @ one month (I didn’t start writing these monthly posts for Ella until she was 17 months old)