Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Cell Phone Photos

I love that our cell phones allow us to capture little moments that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to capture because we don’t always have a regular camera on hand. Here are some on my favorites of the kids from the past few months (my husband took several of these – he’s better with his cell phone camera than I am!).

110220IMG_0375.jpg 110303IMG_0377.jpg 110319IMG_0385.jpg 110319IMG_0387.jpg 110321IMG_0389.jpg 110331IMG_0392.jpg 110406IMG_0396.jpg 110409IMG_0403.jpg 110413IMG_0404.jpg 110414IMG_0405.jpg 110429IMG_0416.jpg 110501IMG_0419.jpg 110503IMG_0421.jpg 110511IMG_0431.jpg 110514IMG_0432.jpg 110515IMG_0435.jpg 110519IMG_0510.jpg