Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly Menu on Monday: June 14th

Last week, I made my first attempt at completing a weekly menu (and sticking with it when it actually came time to make dinner!). I must say, I'm pretty proud of my first attempt. I made three of the dishes on my list. Now, only completing three meals doesn't sound like a big accomplishment, but last week was an odd week (we were out of town a couple of days, and had company in) so I didn't cook at home as much as I would like to in a normal week. So, now for this week's menu - two of the meals are repeats from last week because I still have everything I need to make those meals!

  1. Chicken Pasta Bake with a green vegetable
  2. "Quick" Lasagna with a green vegetable
  3. Pioneeer Woman's Crispy Yogurt Chicken with a green vegetable and potatoes- This recipe is SO good and easy! I usually just use chicken breasts instead of bone-in chicken.
  4. Ginger Garlic Pork with Sizzling Rice - This is a Guy Fieri recipe that I haven't tried yet, but looks delicious.
  5. Quesadillas with chips and homemade guacamole - I'm not sure what meat I'll use in my quesadillas yet (depends on what I can find at a good price at the store), but it will likely be chicken, beef skirt steak, or ground beef (cooked like taco meat). I'll also include sauteed onions and green peppers in my quesadillas.