Friday, January 8, 2010


I love shopping online. I also love saving money. What could be better than shopping online and saving money? Here's where Ebates comes in. My mom and sister had been telling me about Ebates for a while, but I kept forgetting to check it out. I finally made my way over to the site before I purchased Ella's convertible car seat, and I'm glad I did.

Ebates is associated with tons of online stores. Before purchasing an item, you sign into your Ebates account, and shop in the store through Ebates. When you purchase an item, you'll get a certain percentage cash back (percentages vary by store). Ebates sometimes also has special coupons for stores. You get paid by check or Paypal 4 times a year. You can also choose to donate your cash back to a charity.

I got $8.00 cash back when I purchased Ella's convertible car seat . . . not bad if you ask me!