Friday, March 24, 2017

Happy 15 Months Annie!

Even though you still look little, every day you are showing us that there really is a 15 month old in that little body of yours.

You are a very engaging talkative girl. You don't have a ton of words that we recognize, but you chat all day long, and are very serious about some of the things you say. One day when I went to get you out of your crib, you babbled something very specific at me, and then immediately repeated it. I have no idea what you were saying, but you certainly knew!

Speaking of getting you out of your crib, you are so fun to get up! As long as you aren't crying, your happiness bubbles forth when we come to get you. You grin and wave your arms around, and sometimes clap. You love to throw your puppy and giraffe out of your bed while you wait for us.

You have a great laugh (and always have!). You laugh is infectious and precious at the same time. You laugh easily, and I love how genuine your laugh is. You think so many different things are funny, and it is fun to see what you will laugh at next.


For the most part during the day you are a happy baby, and you are generally content to play by yourself. However, as soon as I start trying to cook dinner you become whiney and fussy and usually come crying to me while I'm at the stove. I have no idea what it is about me cooking that you don't like, but you really, really don't like it when I cook dinner. It is both funny and annoying at the same time.

You have become such a quick walker. I look up and you've darted across the room (or into the playroom if someone forgot to shut the baby gate!). You have a little "prance" in the way you walk, and it is pretty cute. I think the prance is really a product of your little stature combined with good walking skills, but it is funny nonetheless.


I was able to teach your cradle roll class for a few weeks as a fill-in and the first week you taught, you reminded me so much of Luke! Luke has an amazing ability (thank you Trent!) to keep a straight face even if he is perfectly fine. (Ella, Troy, and myself do not have this ability, ha!). You kept a straight face the entire class period the first week I taught, no matter what I did. And, speaking of Bible class, you now "grow" when we sing "Read Your Bible and Pray Everyday." You also do a pretty good job putting your hands together (consistently) when we pray at meals. Other times of prayer aren't quite as consistent.

You still hang onto your bottle, but are doing a great job drinking regular milk. And, although you love your bottle, the reason we've really held onto it this long has more to do with us and less to do with you (lots of things on the schedule that kept us from completely breaking free of it!). You are a fairly picky eater, but you love chicken (and meat in general) which is so funny to me! Your brothers and sisters were not good meat eaters at this age.

Signs you do: more, finished
Words you say: hi, bye, "uck" (yuck), eh-ah (Ella, although you haven't said it lately), mama, daddy, ba-a (bottle), "ished" (finished), something that sounds like "Maddux" (one of our dogs)
Animal noises you make: duck
Favorite foods: chicken, cheese, peanut butter crackers
Favorite activities: walking everywhere exploring, trying to escape to the playroom, playing with the dogs, putting things in things, looking at books, singing songs