Monday, July 6, 2015

Week Seven in Paraguay

We finally had a pretty cool day here! The high was in the 50s, and it got down into the 40s at night. The fourth of July was the coldest day we've had in Paraguay so far which I find very funny. It certainly didn't "feel" like the 4th of July, though we could hear fireworks/firecrackers. Hardly a day passes here without the sound of fireworks/firecrackers going off. It has been strange to be out of the country during holidays (we've been here on Memorial Day and the 4th of July), but I think it gives us a perspective of what long-term missionaries may feel all the time. I also have a new perspective of when people post all their yummy food pictures on Facebook . . . when we can't get that food here. All in all though, it is a good reminder that while we can enjoy those physical things our life on this earth isn't about those physical things, but rather that our focus should be on eternity.

My English studies continue to go well: I was able to study with all three of my students this week. Trent studied with one of his students. I'm currently a little past halfway through the lessons with all three of my students. As we close out our lessons, I'll discuss continuing studying with them, but although English can be considered, for the focus of the studies to be on the Bible. If they are interested in studying the Bible further, we'll begin using the Searching For Truth material.

The kids watching videos with Mirta at the church building.

Luke crashed at KFC after we'd been at the church building all afternoon for our English studies.

Trent continued teaching in the Bible Academy this week (Christian Evidences), and also continued with his Spanish lessons. On Sunday Trent preached about the home, and I could tell quite a bit of improvement with his ability to preach in Spanish from the first time he preached in Spanish (only the second Sunday we were here).

Trent preaching

On Saturday we ate dinner with Troy and Andrea, and enjoyed delicious food and great company. We are thankful to be working here with them, and thankful for the opportunity to continue to grow our relationship with them.
Trent and Luke while we were waiting for a taxi. Luke refusing to look at me for the picture. :)

This coming week will be very busy, and very different from most of our weeks here. A group from the Palm Beach Lakes church of Christ in Florida is coming to do a campaign. We'll (mostly Trent because doing many of the things with the kids would be difficult) will be involved with several of the campaign activities. This coming weekend is also when the Pope will be in town (Friday-Sunday). The city is expected to be crazy, and we've been told to make sure we have any groceries we need for the week by Tuesday because the stores are expected to be wiped out. People are expected to come in from the countryside to see the Pope, but people from other countries (particularly Argentina where the Pope is from, but is not visiting on this trip) are expected to show up in Asuncion. One news story I read said that the crowds for his public mass is expected to be over one million people. Transportation around town is also going to be limited because they will be closing several roads during his visit. It is so sad to see so many people fooled by this false religion.

Luke singing at services.

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