Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

I do not have the words to express how truly blessed our family is because of my husband, and his love as husband and father. His life constantly shows his love towards our family in everything from his leadership to his firm hand to his gentleness and compassion. Thank you for all you do and are for our family!

(Sometimes it is still hard to believe I've got a kid for each letter now!)

D-A-D photos from past years

This year, I had Ella and Troy answer questions for a Father’s Day questionnaire I found on Pinterest. Their answers (particularly Troy's) were, uh, interesting at times. : )
  • What is Daddy’s name? 
    • Ella: Daddy 
    • Troy: Trent
  • What does Daddy do for fun?
    • Ella: Play soccer outside
    • Troy: Sit down, I mean, play ball
  • What does Daddy do at work?
    • Ella: works
    • Troy: work
  • What are his favorite things to eat?
    • Ella: green beans and sweet potatoes
    • Troy: pickles, how about sandwiches with spicy stuff in it {I have absolutely NO idea where he got this answer from!}
  • What does he like to drink?
    • Ella: Dr. Pepper
    • Troy: Dr. Pepper
  • How old is Daddy?
    • Ella: 31
    • Troy: I can't remember; I can't even know
  • Where did you and Daddy meet?
    • Ella: when I was a baby
    • Troy: I can't remember, is it at McCarty?
  • How long have you know Daddy?
    • Ella: a long time
    • Troy: (reached to the sky)
  • How tall is Daddy?
    • Ella: (reached to the sky)
    • Troy: (stood up, pointed to the sky)
  • What is Daddy’s hair like?
    • Ella: tiny (showed with her fingers)
    • Troy: short
  • How much does Daddy weigh?
    • Ella: 80 lbs
    • Troy: reached to sky
  • What makes Daddy the best?
    • Ella: plays fight (wrestle) and plays ball and plays defense
    • Troy: cuz I love him
  • What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?
    • Ella: play fight (wrestle)
    • Troy: play defense