Monday, June 10, 2013

Drafting Dinner: Weekly Menu Planning

Um, so I’m not sure I actually want to plan a menu considering how successful things were last week. I was only able to cook one meal I had planned due to our exciting week with everyone in the house getting the stomach bug and then losing power for an extended period of time. But, in hopes of having a week where I can actually cook, here it goes anyway.

  • Sausage, chicken, and veggie grill packs: I’ve never made this before, but it looks like an easier summer dinner.  I also plan to add chicken to the mix.
  • Chicken fried rice
  • Grilled hamburgers with some sort of grilled corn
  • Pasta with chicken, bacon, onion, and garlic cream sauce
  • Stuffed bell peppers (with ground beef), rice, and maybe some homemade salsa