Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting Back in the Groove of Things

A little over two weeks ago, I vented about my frustrations with not being able to keep my house in the condition that I wanted. At that time, I also mentioned Flylady . . . and her methods have really changed my way of thinking! When I started with shining my sink, I instantly felt better - like I was starting something that was really going to change how I kept up with my house, as well as my attitude about cleaning in general. The next week I spent time clearing out some hot spots, and doing general cleaning around the house. Then we got really busy, and by really busy, I mean really, really busy! We were so busy that I felt like I barely had time to breathe after I took care of Ella, worked, ate, and went to the workshop. I complained to my husband that while I was so thankful for why we were so busy that week, that I felt like I had lost my groove and my energy that I had been so excited about the week before.

Ah, but now I have no more excuses. That busy week is past, and it is time to get back into the swing of things. It is time to get that great energy back and get busy with Flylady's suggestions. While I have yet to read anything specific about laundry on Flylady's site (although I'm sure it is there, I just haven't gotten to it yet), I did spend the day doing LOADS of laundry. It sure did feel good to get through that laundry - it is amazing how much laundry can pile up in a week. And even though I still have quite the pile of laundry, I did make a BIG dent in it today!

So, speaking of Flylady's suggestions, I'm going to attempt to do one tomorrow that I have resisted for a long time (the idea in general anyway): getting dressed to the shoes. The idea is to get up and get ready (all the way to the shoes) before you do anything else. I have been known (cough . . .cough) to hang out in my pjs all day. After all, I'm working from home, so no one sees me right? Well, first off, my husband sees me, and I'm sure he'd appreciate it if I wasn't always just lounging around. Secondly, I think it is really a general attitude change I need to make. With all that said, I know for a fact I won't have my shoes on tomorrow during the day. BUT I do plan to be ready otherwise! :)