Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Food Processor

I'm using this new venture into baby food to get a little something for myself: a new food processor. There may be some of you out there reading this now thinking that I don't really need to invest in a new one and that even a blender will work fine. While this may be true, I'm still using this as my opportunity to get a new food processor. We got a food processor when we got married; however, it has mostly collected dust on our pantry shelf. There have, however, been a few times we've pulled it out and on one of those rare occasions my husband did something (I think dropped the lid) and cracked a vital piece of the food processor off. It works fine as long as what I'm using it for isn't too watery, but if it is watery, I'm in for a big mess! We've been cooking a lot more at home lately and I've been needing to use the food processor more these days, so I'm looking forward to using one that doesn't cause a big mess!